Board Services

We provide services designed to improve every aspect of your boards.

Highly qualified, experienced board members. 

Board of Revision (BOR)

As Board of revision we hear assessment and local improvement appeals under The Municipalites Act, The Cities Act, The Northern Municipalites Act, and The Local Improvements Act, 1993.

Development Appeals Board (DAB)

As Development Appeals Board we hear appeals on developments which council approved or rejected under The Planning and Development Act, 2007 (PDA). 

Why partner with DG?


With DGovernance, you’ll invest in a collaborative partnership to help decide your appeals. Timely resolution of appeals is not only a service to you but also for your communities.

Timely Resolution of Appeals

All appeals will be resolved within the statutory time limits without the need for extensions.

Well-Reasoned Decisions

All our decisions are rational and can stand review of the higher tribunals or courts.

Continuous Engagement

Continuous engagement with our partners is our secret to offer Service excellence

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TO resolve your appeals on TIME.